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The Ignorance of Blood
  “Take the journey to Seville with Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón as your compelling and yet troubled guide - and experience Robert Wilson's potent blends of beauty and terror, sex and death, and prose and plot.”
Harlan Coben.

In the wake of a terrorist attack on Seville, Inspector Jefe Javier Falcón is determined to fulfil his promise to its citizens - that he will bring the real perpetrators to justice. The violent death of a gangster provides evidence implicating the Russian mafia in the outrage, but pitches Falcón straight into the heart of a turf war over prostitution and drugs.

Now the target of brutal thugs, Falcón finds that those closest to him are also coming under intolerable pressure. His closest friend, who's spying for the Spanish government, reveals that he is being blackmailed by Islamist extremists and Falcón's own lover suffers a mother's worst nightmare.

Confronted by such fanaticism and violence, Falcón realises that only the most ruthless retaliation will work. But there's a terrible price to pay...

The design of this book wasn't just to concentrate on the ruthlessness of the Russian mafia or the barbarousness of Islamist extremists, but also to look at the victims who resist them, their heroic dignity, their decency and their tremendous capacity for humanity.

Title trials
The title did not come easy. I was keen to pursue the theme of appearance and reality but I couldn't come up with a successful combination of words. I was taken with The Ignorance of Blood because of the importance of relationships in this book. Blood-ties and family are very important in the story.

People worth more than drugs
The Russian mafia enjoys a particularly powerful presence in the Iberian Peninsula especially in the coastal regions of Spain and Portugal. They first came to my attention when I read an article about their people trafficking operations, which earned them more money than the gangs plying drugs.

White slave trade
The Russians have used Eastern Europeans from their people trafficking operations to fill brothels (puti clubs). The women do not earn money, normally because they are already paying off an enormous 'debt' that has built up over their heads from being bought and sold many times. The profit from this horrific trade is laundered by being put into building developments. The developments are quite often built on protected land, to which councillors have been bribed to give permits. The corruption is pervasive and goes from top to bottom of the tourist and leisure industry.

Could it happen in Seville?
To me, Seville seemed like a very likely target for the Russian mafia to close in on. There was a demand for people trafficking, prostitution and drugs. There were also the massive developments in which to pour their profits and launder their money. On a trip to Prague in 2002 I'd been horrified to find the beautiful, ancient city centre obviously controlled by the mafia with every second shop front a casino, bar owners being openly threatened for protection money by thugs and swarms of prostitutes accosting every male throughout the night. That Seville could easily become the southern Prague was both my nightmare and my inspiration for this book.

Love in the cauldron
In this final book of the series I wanted to show that although the leading characters all come under unbearable pressure their instinct is to protect those closest to them. Their willingness to suffer in the desperate hope that other will benefit speaks of the powerful dignity of human beings in the face of violence and corruption. It became important for me to demonstrate that, while it might seem impossible for green shoots to push through in this barren landscape, the greatest weapon we have to fight against these pernicious evils is love.

432 pages
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd (5 Mar 2009)
ISBN-10: 0007202938
ISBN-13: 978-0007202935